Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Day Before the Test

 Today was a day before my mid term for calculus. It's honestly the most nerve-racking experience to me. The anticipation for the test and when it gets here, ahh! What to do what to do! Have you ever felt that yourself?

Instead of feeling down and dressing in sweats, I went for the comfy jeans. You'll probably say "Jeans? Comfy? Are you crazy?!" However, these are my favourite pair and fit me perfectly! I definitely recommend you all find one that fits, they're amazing to have. I also matched one of the new tops I got over Reading Week, which was this cute sheer bird blouse :) Since it was cold I paired it with a cropped camel coloured sweater to show the blouse underneath. Hope you guys like it!

Serious face guys. And pose!


Sunday, 26 February 2012

Welcome to City and Cottage

 Welcome Everyone!
I'd like to personally welcome all of you to my blog. This first of many posts to come. I would mostly devote this to my life as a university student and my love for style. Since I mostly grew up in the country, I wanted to express my style and life right now, since I returned back to the city.
I hope you all enjoy this through my blog and my self expression :)
I suppose that what I love about style is that you can express yourself through your clothes. Dressing accordingly to what you feel like can show people what you're emotionally going through and also show how creative you can be. I love that no one will have the exact same type of wardrobe, as mine has a mixture of many elements. 
I hope that you enjoy my posts and follow me as I go on my adventures!
Yay for blogging! ;)