Sunday, 20 May 2012

Baseball lovin'

Ah, the glories of outdoor sports.... or indoor if the dome is closed; that is, if it even is a dome for a stadium. I had the pleasure of going to a Jays game last month for the first time, and it  was awesome! They actually won :D Unlike some teams cough* TFC >_> cough. But anyways, unlike the wanted success for my soccer/football team, the Bluejays are doing pretty well this season. And I ran into one of the players :D Woooo.

Simple outfit and colours to support the team! :) Blueblueblueblue.

 And everywhere you looked, you'd end up seeing Butterfield's bum. Move! We want to see the batter ;]

Monday, 7 May 2012

America's Next Top Model Live

A wonderful end to a weekend. The popular show, America's Next Top Model, was in the city! And we had a great show to go too. There were the appearances of some of the all-stars from the latest finished season; Lisa (the winner of the all-star season), Laura, Camille, Isis, Alexandria, Bianca and Shannon. They also walked with the twelve finalists for the Sutherland Supermodel search. Little to my knowning, my high school friend was one of the finalists walking in the show! Good for her.

The many sponsors and little runway shows around the conference were lovely. Getting your hair done by John Frieda, or makeup done by various booths. The shopping was amazing of course! Makeup, hair, and clothes; everything a girl wants right? ;)

 I adore her outfit and her shoes! A fashion blogger correspondent, she introduces us into the Art of Fashion and the first show we watched with Albert Yuen.
 LBD anyone?
Love love love his finale piece :)

 On the big screen of the show. Waiting for the big show to begin!

 Singer Danny Fernandes performs his hit single ft Josh from Mariana's Trench.
 The top 12 finalists for the Sutherland Model Search!
 My outfit for the day! A flirty pink pastel dress with floral tights and an asymmetric zipper jacket (it was a cit cool outside), with vintage inspired, ivory ankle boots from Call it Spring!
 Shopping and a day out with my girl Arianne! :)

All and all, a great weekend. ANTM you can come back anytime!