Monday, 30 July 2012

Summer, where did you go?

Ay, it has been quite a long time since I wrote about something on my blog here. 

I blame the world of summer vacation transforming into just plain old full-time working. Sure, it makes good money, let I rarely do much else now....besides for the odd time spending time with my friends back home here in Muskoka, and the lovely outdoors. Maybe that's why I suppose. Also the fact that I don't tend to bring my camera along for the ride when I'm out as much. Lack of photos and lack of ignition to start the blogging fire. Poor excuse I know, but as let I'm packing up my schedule with something to do? ;p

But I do manage to do some fun things while on my summer break. With only one more month to go before I start my second year of university, it's time to get things rolling!

I had the pleasure of seeing my two favourite teams from the MLS and Barclay's Premier league play it out n a friendly match; Toronto FC and Liverpool FC. Ah, how I was incredibly happy that afternoon. The sun out, shining and blinding us all requiring everyone to either wear sunglasses and/or a hat. Even the girl behind me went to buy a hat as the sun was too killer. They ended up closing the roof eventually though, and it was lovely after that.

Sadly, Gerrard did not come to Canada :( Epic sad face. We did however see Carragher whoop whoop! And sure, it did end up in a tie, but 1-1 is much more exciting than a match both ending scoreless  on each side. Plus the older gentlemen behind us were hilarious Liverpool fans. A great way to make an awesome match even that much greater to me. Oh, did I mention our seats were like..... basically almost on the field? Second row from it ;]

Enjoy some pictures!

Much love :) <3