Monday, 30 July 2012

Summer, where did you go?

Ay, it has been quite a long time since I wrote about something on my blog here. 

I blame the world of summer vacation transforming into just plain old full-time working. Sure, it makes good money, let I rarely do much else now....besides for the odd time spending time with my friends back home here in Muskoka, and the lovely outdoors. Maybe that's why I suppose. Also the fact that I don't tend to bring my camera along for the ride when I'm out as much. Lack of photos and lack of ignition to start the blogging fire. Poor excuse I know, but as let I'm packing up my schedule with something to do? ;p

But I do manage to do some fun things while on my summer break. With only one more month to go before I start my second year of university, it's time to get things rolling!

I had the pleasure of seeing my two favourite teams from the MLS and Barclay's Premier league play it out n a friendly match; Toronto FC and Liverpool FC. Ah, how I was incredibly happy that afternoon. The sun out, shining and blinding us all requiring everyone to either wear sunglasses and/or a hat. Even the girl behind me went to buy a hat as the sun was too killer. They ended up closing the roof eventually though, and it was lovely after that.

Sadly, Gerrard did not come to Canada :( Epic sad face. We did however see Carragher whoop whoop! And sure, it did end up in a tie, but 1-1 is much more exciting than a match both ending scoreless  on each side. Plus the older gentlemen behind us were hilarious Liverpool fans. A great way to make an awesome match even that much greater to me. Oh, did I mention our seats were like..... basically almost on the field? Second row from it ;]

Enjoy some pictures!

Much love :) <3

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Baseball lovin'

Ah, the glories of outdoor sports.... or indoor if the dome is closed; that is, if it even is a dome for a stadium. I had the pleasure of going to a Jays game last month for the first time, and it  was awesome! They actually won :D Unlike some teams cough* TFC >_> cough. But anyways, unlike the wanted success for my soccer/football team, the Bluejays are doing pretty well this season. And I ran into one of the players :D Woooo.

Simple outfit and colours to support the team! :) Blueblueblueblue.

 And everywhere you looked, you'd end up seeing Butterfield's bum. Move! We want to see the batter ;]

Monday, 7 May 2012

America's Next Top Model Live

A wonderful end to a weekend. The popular show, America's Next Top Model, was in the city! And we had a great show to go too. There were the appearances of some of the all-stars from the latest finished season; Lisa (the winner of the all-star season), Laura, Camille, Isis, Alexandria, Bianca and Shannon. They also walked with the twelve finalists for the Sutherland Supermodel search. Little to my knowning, my high school friend was one of the finalists walking in the show! Good for her.

The many sponsors and little runway shows around the conference were lovely. Getting your hair done by John Frieda, or makeup done by various booths. The shopping was amazing of course! Makeup, hair, and clothes; everything a girl wants right? ;)

 I adore her outfit and her shoes! A fashion blogger correspondent, she introduces us into the Art of Fashion and the first show we watched with Albert Yuen.
 LBD anyone?
Love love love his finale piece :)

 On the big screen of the show. Waiting for the big show to begin!

 Singer Danny Fernandes performs his hit single ft Josh from Mariana's Trench.
 The top 12 finalists for the Sutherland Model Search!
 My outfit for the day! A flirty pink pastel dress with floral tights and an asymmetric zipper jacket (it was a cit cool outside), with vintage inspired, ivory ankle boots from Call it Spring!
 Shopping and a day out with my girl Arianne! :)

All and all, a great weekend. ANTM you can come back anytime!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Exam Woes!

Ah, the leave of absence from this blog. I apologize! The dreaded examinations for the winter term of university took over my life for the past few weeks, but yes, I have finally finished for summer vacation! Yay everything! Have you ever wanted to pass a class so hard you cried? Well, I did not cry, but I nearly became sick from anxiety. Hopefully everyone had a good exam period too.

As for the good stuff. Some pictures from my phone of my adventures. What adventures you may ask? Of course studying day in and day out, but hey, a girl needs some time to relax too right? And take pretty pictures of things I came by in my walks around campus and Toronto!
Here, we have the pathway outside of Robarts Library, where I practically lived doing my papers. Spring seems to have come quite early as the cherry blossoms are already blooming! Gorgeous place for a photoshop really, if only I had the time then.

The graduate house. I love the architecture of the University of Toronto sign. I know, what does a science student think of artsy things? That I'd be an art kid if I weren't into science ;]

Sushi for lunch at this place called Kon-Nichi-Wa.  All I can say is om nom nom. That about sums up this picture to three words, and three words is all you need.

As one of my friends said, it looks reminds them of 'aliens and space and junk'. I totally agree, however, the view at night of the open dome still looks awesome to me.

Study study study! This is what my desk looked like for about..... three weeks all day every day? The joys of university right? To all the students out there going through exams, good luck and I hope they go well! This post is mostly about my busy life the last few weeks, but the fashion shall return! Guess who's going to a fashion show in two weeks time?
This girl here! :)

Friday, 23 March 2012

Hockey Tuesday

Guess who had a chemistry midterm AND a hockey game to get to afterwards?
Not many country girls, but this one got too!
That's right! This girl right here.
Most stressful day ever.
I'm sure you've all experienced the rash OH-MY-GOSH-I'M-SO-STRESSED-WHAT-DO-I-DO mindset (Or is that just me? Haha). But in all, I'm hoping I did okay, and the hockey game was great.... until the end. It was a pretty intense day, after all, I had a four hour break after my last lecture to study and grab food. This is good and bad for a few reasons.

  1. I actually had a chance to sit down and eat dinner.
  2. I had a bit more down time to study.
  3. It gives me a chance to make sure I know everything for the midterm exam. 
  1. Anxiety.
  2. Studying more makes me nervous since it makes me feel like I don't know anything.
  3. Stressing out.
  4. Anxiety.
  5. Did I mention test anxiety?
 But hey, it comes with the university life, we're all just there for a piece of paper that says we know stuff right? Yay for SUPER expensive pieces of paper!

But here are some photos from the gameI took that I thought you'd enjoy. Mmmm hockey players.

 Who doesn't love a good almost fight in a hockey game :3
 Annnd the Islanders. Psht.
The famous Tim Horton! :)

All and all, it was a very, intense day, and the Leafs still did lose. But it did help me relieve post-exam stress, so hooray for live sporting events! Woot woot!