Saturday, 21 April 2012

Exam Woes!

Ah, the leave of absence from this blog. I apologize! The dreaded examinations for the winter term of university took over my life for the past few weeks, but yes, I have finally finished for summer vacation! Yay everything! Have you ever wanted to pass a class so hard you cried? Well, I did not cry, but I nearly became sick from anxiety. Hopefully everyone had a good exam period too.

As for the good stuff. Some pictures from my phone of my adventures. What adventures you may ask? Of course studying day in and day out, but hey, a girl needs some time to relax too right? And take pretty pictures of things I came by in my walks around campus and Toronto!
Here, we have the pathway outside of Robarts Library, where I practically lived doing my papers. Spring seems to have come quite early as the cherry blossoms are already blooming! Gorgeous place for a photoshop really, if only I had the time then.

The graduate house. I love the architecture of the University of Toronto sign. I know, what does a science student think of artsy things? That I'd be an art kid if I weren't into science ;]

Sushi for lunch at this place called Kon-Nichi-Wa.  All I can say is om nom nom. That about sums up this picture to three words, and three words is all you need.

As one of my friends said, it looks reminds them of 'aliens and space and junk'. I totally agree, however, the view at night of the open dome still looks awesome to me.

Study study study! This is what my desk looked like for about..... three weeks all day every day? The joys of university right? To all the students out there going through exams, good luck and I hope they go well! This post is mostly about my busy life the last few weeks, but the fashion shall return! Guess who's going to a fashion show in two weeks time?
This girl here! :)

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