Friday, 16 March 2012

Happy Friday! Spring weather :D

Tomorrow is St. Patick's Day! So, I wore blue before it ;)
All I can say about the weather right now is that,
My goodness, the weather was amazing! Perfect for a stroll out!
The wind was naturally cruel this day however. And the flow'y skirts were not meant for high winds, if you get my drift. But I'm glad to say no accidents were had! To my knowledge anyways...

Spring skirts and open backs! However, still boot weather so bring it on. I can't even believe how nice it is out though. It's like magical lies are out in the sky and the sun god of Egypt Re is looking awesomely down at all of us ;) Reference to my NMC egypt class last semester yay!
 Look at this view! I mean it's so pretty outside weather wise AND the lights are amazing! These long days of sunlight can only increase from here!

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