Sunday, 4 March 2012

Shopping Frenzy

Afternoon everyone!
On Friday, my best friend Kaila came down to Toronto to visit me :D Just sitting around to chill and watch movies and go out for dinner is all you really need sometimes. We were joined by another city pal, Tracy from back home! What are three girls from the 'country' doing here? Hang out, shop and gossip? Probably a good guess if you made one. The following day we went to the nearest downtown mall and did some major shopping before my friend had to go home :(

Of course, we had to stop by some shoe stores to see the boots and accessories. Aldo anyone? Unfortunately, the sales girl was a bit too enthusiastic and it caused some tension. Definitely not a good sell to sell. Serious look guys, Tracy's looking in accessories!

We then stopped by Urban Outfitters to see if there was anything cool we might get. I managed to see these cool trinkets that would make any home feel sweet ;)

 Beer jugs anyone?

Oh yes, you definitely did just see a burger coin purse and moustache bandages. Like a hipster, anything and everything has moustaches on it, possibly even your finger if you accidentally cut yourself.

These are probably my favourite things there, the decorations for your home. Just look at the frames, I mean, awesome right?

Hair wreaaaath, do I pull it off?  Or does Tracy? Or both? Hehe.
 My outfit for the day.
All and all it was a great weekend. From just relaxing and gossip to shopping and styling.  Couldn't have asked for a better time with my girls. Even managed to snag a cosmetic bag from Sephora for $5. Tune in for next time!

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